Logos & Branding

First impressions are important in business. Your logo visually identifies you. Fly Paper Graphics specializes in capturing the essence of the image you want to convey.

Website Design

Your website should be informative, intuitive, and inviting enough to entice customers to explore your services. Customers should feel good about their web experience.

Brochures, Posters & Printed Marketing Materials

There are many paths to communicate with your target audience. Fly Paper Graphics can pave the way.

Logo & Branding Services

A logo should be instantly recognizable, memorable, and representative of your organization.  It can be difficult to meet all of these objectives in a single image, especially when that image is used in large and small applications.  Whether on a business card, product packaging, or street sign, your logo must carry the same weight and deliver a consistent message.

And branding goes far beyond your logo.  The use of consistent color, font, design, and style creates cohesiveness throughout the organization.  This includes websites, letterhead, packaging, brochures, posters, and even office design.  Cohesive branding ties together all of your products and services while looking polished and professional.

Whether you are looking to develop your organization's first logo, or launching into a re-branding campaign, I can provide innovative designs to accomplish your needs.  To see examples of my logo designs, see my portfolio.  To see the step-by-step process used to create this logo, click here.

Website Design Services

Stand out with an eye-catching web design that invites the casual web surfer to dive into your website.  Fly Paper Graphics designs websites that provide information quickly and intuitively while promoting your organization.  Drawing from a wide array of WordPress platforms, I customize your website to represent you and your organization with your logo, your colors, and your branding.

Your website can be customized to sell products, take donations, register customers for classes, and more!

Once your site is designed, you can update your own content such as text, calendar items, and photos.  You only need to contact us for periodic updates or major changes such as new page additions or structural re-designs if desired.

No time like the present to establish your professional web presence!

Brochures, Posters & Printed Marketing Materials

Successful marketing requires a multi-pronged approach.  An engaging website, an impactful logo, email, direct-mail, brochures, rack cards, booklets, postcards, newsletters, attention-grabbing posters, and more can all be part of a successful campaign.  In this digital world, it's important to include more traditional forms of marketing in your overall strategy.

When was the last time a poster caught your eye at the local coffee shop while waiting for a latte?  What about the advertisement on that bus you were stuck behind in traffic?  Perhaps a stack of brochures advertising your services could be well-placed in a complimentary location.  There are small windows of time in everyone's day when they are a captive audience to things in their immediate surroundings.  Taking advantage of those opportunities can increase the likelihood of attracting your ideal customers!

Let's talk about how printed marketing materials fit in with your overall marketing strategy!

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